Chantelle graduated with honours as a Registered Dental Hygienist from the Ontario Dental Education Institute in 2006. Prior to becoming a hygienist, she worked as a Level II dental assistant for two years. She joined Mountain Mall Dental team in 2010 and has become an asset in creating a proficient atmosphere where our patients can feel relaxed and confident knowing that their hygiene care is the finest service offered.

Chantelle believes that good oral health is an essential part of a bigger health picture. She concentrates on educating her patients about all the options for optimal oral health so they can make the best decision regarding treatment and prevention. In addition, her services include oral cancer screening, scaling and root planning, and teeth whitening.

Chantelle is dedicated to continuing her education. She keeps current in her hygiene practice and remains informed about the new developments in her profession.

In her free time, she enjoys yoga and working out at the fitness centre.